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$1,596 for MGM-2000, 2100, 2200 and 2300;
$1,796 for MGM-2100, 2300, 2800 and 3000
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About the Program

From equipment issues that threaten passenger safety to financial processes that threaten business profitability, risk affects every aspect of the modern aviation industry. A Professional Certificate in Aviation Risk Management prepares you to assess, identify, transfer or mitigate risk in every corner of an aviation organization. You can apply your knowledge immediately and use it to grow your career for years to come to not only identify and reduce hazards, but to prevent incidents and accidents as well.

Students may take one course individually or pursue the professional certificate of completion by successfully completing four required courses. There are no prerequisites for the courses in this certificate and the courses are not required to be taken in any set sequence.   


Specific Course Content: (All courses are delivered online with a set start and end date and required weekly assignments. Students can login each week at any time of day or day of the week.)

1. Safety: Safety Management Systems (MGM-2000) OR SMS Basics for Public Service Aviation (MGM-3000) 

This course examines SMS overview; fundamentals of safety; human factors and safety; culture and safety; safety investigation; SMS and airports; overview of the FAA Final Rule (Students may either take MGM-2000 or MGM-3000 to satisfy the SMS requirement.). MGM-2000 is 5 weeks; MGM-3000 is 6 weeks.

2. Legal: Aviation Law and Risk Management (MGM 2100)

In this course, students will learn about regulatory agencies and the judicial system; torts/negligence/contract law; forms of business; corporate protections; corporate decision making; employee vs contractors; alternative dispute resolution; Trial vs. ADR; SMS and legal considerations. MGM-2100 is 5 weeks.

3. Risk Management and Hazard Identification (MGM 2300)

This course explores the fundamentals of risk management; hazard identification; incident and accident investigation process; accident and incident prevention. MGM-2300 is 4 weeks.

4. Insurance: Airport & Aviation Risk Management and Insurance (MGM 2800)

This online course is designed for airport, airline and general aviation personnel, as well as those servicing the aviation industry. The course will discuss risk and its treatment, fundamental legal principles, liability risk, commercial property and liability insurance, government regulations, safety management systems and enterprise risk management. It will also examine the evolution of the US and London aviation insurance marketplace after 9/11. MGM 2200 is no longer being offered and has been replaced by MGM 2800.

AS OF OCTOBER 1, 2016, THE FINANCIAL RISK MANAGEMENT COURSE WILL BE AN OPTIONAL COURSE IN THE PROGRAM.  IT IS NOT REQUIRED TO RECEIVE A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.  (MGM 2400): Financial Risk Management Overview and Theories; Time Value of Money; Risk and Return; Credit Derivatives; Options and Futures; Swaps and Credit Derivatives - MGM 2400 is 8 weeks. MGM 2800 is 6 weeks.

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This course is asynchronous and instructor facilitated. You will not be required to log in at the same time as your instructor, but you will have assignments due each week. You can log in at any time to complete course assignments.