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Aviation Maintenance Management Workshop

September 17-19, 2013 in Ft. Worth, TX   REGISTER

This seminar has been specifically developed for CFR 121 airline aircraft maintenance operations including CFR 121 operations that also have a CFR 145 Certificate.

If you are responsible for the leadership and/or management of a CFR 121 airline aircraft maintenance operation, this seminar can provide you with valuable information concerning the requirements that MUST be in place for all airline aircraft maintenance operations to meet the regulatory requirements as defined in the Code of Federal Regulations.

Can your maintenance personnel responsible for your FAA required CAMP answer these questions?

  • What authorizes an airline to do maintenance?
  • What is considered the "contract" between the airline and the FAA for doing maintenance?
  • Through what program does an airline exercise the authority to accomplish maintenance?
  • How many management positions are required by CFR for a 121 airline maintenance operation?
  • How many management "systems" are required by regulations at a 121 operation?
  • Which departments are required by CFR?
  • Where does the airline maintenance program originally come from?
  • How can an airline make changes to the original maintenance program and what allows the airline to make these changes?
  • What will restrict you from making changes to your maintenance program?
  • What is CAMP and CASS and how important are these programs?
  • What affect do you have on the maintenance program?
  • Do you know the "rules" for your business? Do you know the "rules" for the "game" you're playing?

These are just a few of the questions and topics that will be addressed in this seminar.