sUAS for Public Safety Certificate

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$1,197 for 3 courses (Additional fees, such as textbooks, may apply)

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3 Online Courses

Course Dates & Locations
Offered quarterly in January, April, July and October or on request for groups of five or more.

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About the Program

Embry-Riddle Worldwide has developed a new professional certificate program in the use of sUAS in support of Public Safety operations. The sUAS for Public Safety certificate consists of three online courses, which are offered quarterly in January, April, July and October or on request for groups of five or more. Each course costs $399 and is four weeks in duration. The courses are facilitated by an instructor who interacts with participants via discussion boards and assignments. Participants are able to login to the courses each week at their convenience, with no set meeting times.


This certificate consists of:

  1. sUAS Fundamentals for Public Safety (SUAS 3000)
    This four-week online course provides an overview of the fundamentals required to integrate sUAS into public safety operations, focusing on the following topics:
    1. Creating an Aviation Unit for a Public Safety Entity
    2. Regulatory Review for UAS Integration
    3. Defining the Community’s Role in Public Safety UAS Operations
    4. Overview for Public Safety UAS Standard Operating Procedures

  2. Developing a sUAS Standardization Program (SUAS 3200)
    This course examines a SUAS standardization program for Public Safety organizations, focusing on the following topics:
    1. Regulatory Frameworks to operate sUAS
    2. sUAS Safety Management within Public Safety Organizations
    3. Standardization of Flight Operations and Procedures

  3. Part 107 Exam Prep/sUAS Ground School (SUAS 2000)     
    This course prepares participants for the Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft Knowledge Test, while also providing a solid background in aviation knowledge.  Topics covered include:
    1. Fundamentals of Flight
    2. Navigation and Airspace
    3. Weather Theory and Reporting
    4. Introduction to Flight Skills
    5. Human Factors
    6. Safety 

Following completion of the online certificate; public safety organizations can elect to receive customized in-person flight training at a location of their choosing. The customized flight training consists of two courses:

  1. Basic Flight Training w/customized instruction on Standard Operating Procedure development
  2. Advanced Flight Training to include data processing
  3. Please contact the Office of Professional education for more information and to coordinate custom flight training.

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About the Instructor

This program consists of online self-guided courses. You may access the courses at anytime and anyplace with reliable internet. Unless otherwise indicated, self-guided courses must be completed within 6 months.