Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Applications, Operations, and Support: Key Topics of Industry

This two-day, continuing education unit (CEU) course was created specifically for professionals and specialists seeking to expand their understanding of the application, operation, and support of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), specifically in regards to the considerations, regulations, policies, business opportunities, and challenges of the industry. This course is developed and taught by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide faculty with UAS operations and research experience

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This course represents a comprehensive overview of the capabilities, requirements, and business opportunities associated with the UAS industry. It covers the background and impact of UAS, composition and categories of designs, the legislative and regulatory framework, concerns and considerations, applications, operational profiles, business opportunities, and the future of UAS. The course participants will learn to apply the vernacular, fundamental concepts, and principles associated with UAS technology, in addition to exploring the key technologies and markets, in preparation to meet the growing needs and challenges of this developing industry.

About the Workshop

Who Should Attend
  • Business Developers
  • Executive Leadership
  • Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur
  • Engineers (including aerospace, communications, electrical, GNC, hardware, logistics, software, systems, quality assurance, and test)
  • UAS Operators, Pilots, Sensor Operators
  • Analysts (system, data management, manufacturing, operations, procurement, research, quality)
  • Managers (account, contracts, program, project, operations)
  • Training Developers/Coordinators
  • Administrators (government, contracts, IT, property)
  • Planners (mission, facilities, schedule, strategic)
  • Technicians (avionics, electronics, manufacturing, RF)
  • Writers (technical, grant, proposal)
Key Topics
  • Introduction and Impact of UAS
  • UAS Designs
  • Legislation, Certification, and Regulation
  • Industry Concerns
  • Applications
  • Operational Profiles
  • Business Opportunities
  • Future of UAS
Course Objectives

By participating in this course you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the UAS industry impact
  • Explore the composition of typical UAS designs and categories
  • Review the legislative and regulatory framework for the operation and application of UAS
  • Identify and discuss challenges within the industry
  • Examine types of applications, typical operational profiles, and opportunities to provide benefits
  • Distinguish among the key technologies associated with the growth of the UAS industry and possible business opportunities
  • Recognize the potential of the industry in terms of economic impact, growth, and technology development
  • Houston, TX: September 18-19, 2014
  • Las Vegas, NV: January 29-30, 2015
  • San Diego, CA: April 2-3, 2015