Construction Risk Management and Safety Certificate Program

Construction and Risk Management

“Yesterday I couldn’t spell Safety Director and today I am one”. This scenario plays out all too often in the construction industry. Construction owners would never employ an estimator, mechanic, or equipment operator who isn’t properly trained. Insurance companies would never employ underwriters, claims adjustors and risk control consultants who are not properly trained. So why put someone in a position which potentially impacts millions of dollars and human life who isn’t properly trained?

A major reason: Where do people who have responsibility for risk management and safety go to get properly trained? There is no single source of reliable information to prepare busy people for this awesome responsibility, until now.

Embry-Riddles’ Construction Risk Management and Safety Certificate Program uniquely provides comprehensive training preparing students for the risk and safety challenges on all types of construction sites. It is a cost effective and time efficient source of comprehensive education for construction, safety, and insurance professionals. These courses were developed and taught by experts who have practiced their craft in the construction and insurance industries for decades.

Many of the people who are important in ensuring proper risk management are nowhere near the job site. Yet, they still need a thorough understanding of the most costly and unpredictable risks that can occur. This certificate program is specifically designed to support the professional development and education of individuals working in fields such as: insurance professionals, risk managers, safety managers, accounting and finance managers, human resources managers, equipment managers, project managers and construction managers.

The robust course curriculum for the Construction Risk Management and Safety certificate program includes topics such as:

  • Why construction workers are injured at higher rates than other industries.
  • How to assess hazards and risk on all types of construction sites.
  • How to develop a risk and safety program for your organization which actually prevents losses.
  • Emerging issues in construction including: Green Construction, Drones in Construction, Disaster Recovery and Hispanic Workers.
  • Codes, Regulations and Standards.
  • The “4 Deadly” Hazards which must be eliminated on all construction sites.
  • Liability exposures that can put a contractor out of business.

Register now for RCM 1100 -Construction Industry Risk Management and Safety, starting Apr 25, 2018– ONLINE – 4 CEUs - $399 (4 weeks in duration)

This course addresses the “big picture” state of safety within the construction industry. You will learn how and why accidents occur on construction sites. This course also covers how to assess companywide and site specific hazards. Preventing and controlling these accidents and hazards is emphasized and is critical to an effective risk management and safety program. Model safety and health programs will be presented. This will allow students to compare their company’s program to industry best practices. Emerging safety issues will be explored to include: Green Construction, Emergency Response, Hispanic Workers, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones).

or for RCM 1200 - Managing Risk at the Construction Site, starting Apr 25, 2018– ONLINE – 4 CEUs - $399 (4 weeks in duration)

This course addresses site specific risks on all types of construction sites. The maze of safety and health regulatory agency requirements are presented in an organized manner for easier understanding. The 4 deadly exposures contributing to 90% of construction accidents and fatalities are viewed through a virtual tour of all types of construction sites. Finally, the “hidden exposures” of liability which can financially cripple a contractor are thoroughly explored. These include: health and environmental hazards, liability involving the public, subcontractors, driving company vehicles, construction defects and mold.

All courses are online/instructor facilitated.

Both RCM 1100 and 1200 must be completed to obtain the Certificate in Construction Risk Management and Safety.

For more information, contact Gary Burke at 386-226-7232 or email