Aerospace Coatings Inspector Training


The purpose of this course is to equip inspection personnel, working within an aerospace oriented organization, with the fundamental knowledge of how to identify basic paint defects, assess likely root causes for the occurrences of these defects, and how to descriptively speak about these defects using the appropriate technical jargon. This course is designed to target individuals with little to no prior coatings inspection experience, as well as seasoned aircraft coatings inspection personnel. This course is NOT designed to develop you into an Aerospace Coatings Expert, or to provide the student with a thorough technical understanding of the aerospace coatings process.

It will, however, provide you with the tools to accurately assess paint defects and determine if the defect falls within your organization’s allowable engineering tolerances. Further, this course will provide you with contemporary methods for assessing specific coatings defects and help to familiarize you with the commonly used tools, equipment, environmental requirements, specifications, and techniques to be successful with performing paint-related inspections on aircraft and aircraft components.

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