Safety 1000:
Health, Wellness, Regulations and the Environment


This course covers the required technical information necessary to satisfy the EPA Rule 40 CFR Subpart HHHHHH, commonly referred to as the “6H Rule” as it pertains to Aircraft & Aerospace Paint & Refinishing Shops. In addition to addressing the EPA 6H Rule, this course also reviews OSHA regulations and current Health & Wellness requirements that are relevant to Aerospace Coatings Technicians and the organizations that they serve.

Course highlights:

  • 100% Online delivery with asynchronous instructor facilitation
  • 30 days long, see schedule to the right for current start dates
  • Describe the acute (short term) and chronic (long term) effects of exposure to a variety of hazards found in aircraft paint environments surface cleaning & common practices
  • Identify a Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) where to they found, how they are used, and what the content consists of
  • Identify Modern Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and its proper use
  • Define the terms Ergonomics and Preserving Range of Motion
  • Describe accident prevention and spatial awareness
  • List tips for wellness away from the work environment
  • Recognize and recall essential Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A) information

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