Image of Helicopter Rescue Swimmer returning.

Helicopter Rescue Swimmer / Helicopter Rescue Officer

The Helicopter Rescue Swimmer or Rescue Officer Course is essentially the same program but differs for participants depending on the medical skill level of the candidate and the level of technical rescue skills required. Persons seeking a career as a Rescue Swimmer should take the Helicopter Rescue Swimmer program, where their duties and responsibilities are more targeted toward rescue and basic medical intervention of survivors (to advanced resuscitation levels). The Helicopter Rescue Officer program is for those candidates with clinical skills at a higher level, such as registered nurse, intensive care paramedic or doctor. This course is the only course of its type in the world offering university CEUs to successful participants through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide’s Office of Professional Education. This course can also be taken by personnel already working in the role who would like recognition of their current skills and qualifications.

The syllabus of this course is one of the most comprehensive available in the civilian market and is divided into 2 components, with Phase 1 providing theory training via online self-directed study (with instructor support) and Phase 2 comprising the practical skills training and assessment. Phase 1 involves in excess of 20 modules of study which can be expected to take 12 weeks to complete. With usual course numbers, Phase 2 practical runs over 3 weeks with options to complete the practical full-time over consecutive weeks or via the part-time schedule over an extended period.

Course Availability and Schedule

As this course starts with the theory component, which is delivered 100% online, students can register for the course at any time at their convenience and complete the Phase 1 Theory at their own pace. Once completed, students can then register for the next available practical training program convenient to their availability. The 3-week practical program is scheduled a minimum of 4 times per year for general-entry students, one block period in each calendar quarter. Organizational or group training can be scheduled outside these times as required to suit customer needs.

Course Cost

Full-Time Course - $8,800 (Note: only the deposit is required to commence Phase 1). Students wishing to undertake the part-time program can make part payments as they undertake each practical week. It should be noted, however, that the part-time course will require a refresher day prior to each consecutive week (additional 2 days in all over the program) with a total course cost of $9,240.

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