Image of stretcher being loaded onto helicopter.

Helicopter Landing Officer (Public Safety) / Landing Zone Coordinator

In circumstances where a medical or rescue helicopter has been called to the scene of an incident or accident, it is usually a matter of life or death for those seriously injured or sick. Time is crucial, and any help that can be given to flightcrews inbound will be of great assistance in reducing the time taken to administer lifesaving treatment.

The Helicopter Landing Officer (Public Safety) Course, sometimes referred to as a Landing Zone Coordinator, is designed to provide awareness knowledge and procedures for emergency services personnel such as Police, Sheriff, Fire, Ambulance and Rescue organizations in setting up and managing a helicopter landing at the scene of an incident or accident, day or night.

Course Availability and Schedule

This course is self-guided and delivered 100% online for the convenience of participants, enabling students to undertake training on their own time at their own pace, and offers a university certificate and CEUs for completion.

Course Cost

Initial Course - $90

Renewal - There is no requirement for renewal of this course by various industry sectors at this time. However, as the skills and knowledge gained on this course are crucial to flight safety, it is suggested that refreshing your knowledge on the contents of this course every 2 years will keep you up to date.

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