Certificate in Supervisory and Managerial Skills


Embry-Riddle Worldwide offers a Certificate in Supervisory and Managerial Skills for anyone who seeks or is currently in a supervisory and/or managerial role within an organization. To position you for success in a supervisory or managerial position, the program introduces you to the fundamental skills required of new supervisors and/or managers as well as those with experience. Gain a breadth of exposure to many topics essential to the supervision and managerial process.

This program provides essential information in a timely manner and is designed to fit busy work and family schedules. Each online course can be completed at your own pace, anytime, anywhere with a high-speed Internet connection and personal computer. The certificate program may be completed within 3-6 months, and results in 27 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Best of all, you can start right away—no application required.

The program consists of the following courses:

  • Nine Required courses:
    • Developing Effective Leadership Skills, ALF-3052
    • Performance Management, ALF-3053
    • Decision Making and Time Management, ALF-3054
    • Developing Effective Interpersonal Communication and Assertion Skills, ALF-3055
    • Productivity and Benchmarking, ALF-3056
    • Project Management, ALF-3057
    • Management Essentials, ALF-3042 (Required Text)
      Successful Manager’s Handbook (ISBN: 0972577033)
    • Negotiating Strategies, ALF-3018 (Requied Text)
      Bargaining for Advantage (ISBN: 0143036971)
    • High Performance Organizations, ALF-3007

Each course is $240 (USD) and is 30 contact hours with 3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) awarded. The cost for the entire certificate program is $2160.

Review courses and register now for the Certificate in Supervisory and Managerial Skills program.