SMS Basics for Public Service Aviation - Online

Fire helicopter flies over mountains depicting SMS Basics for Public Service Aviation

This eight-week online Professional Education Course covers the basic concepts of safety management systems with an emphasis and application towards public service aviation operations such as police, fire, highway patrol, sheriff etc.   This course is designed for public service aviation personnel such as supervisors and new unit safety officers seeking an overview on the evolution of aviation safety, safety management systems (SMS), error detection, risk/hazard analysis, human factors, modeling tools, and other essential components of an safety program.  Public service missions are used to illustrate the various principles and applications of aviation safety management.


About the Course

Who Should Attend
Members of public service aviation (Police, Fire, EMS, etc) who are new to their positions, need a refresher in Safety Management Systems or who has been tasked to establish or enhance an SMS program in their organization.
Key Topics
Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:
  • Identify and assess the dynamics within the evolution of aviation safety management.
  • Compare and contrast the differences between a proactive and reactive safety program.
  • Apply the basic methodologies of risk management and differentiate between error and causation.
  • Identify certain human factor issues and trace the root causes and effects they have on safety.
  • Understand Safety Management System (SMS) and identify the fundamental pillars of SMS.
  • Identify the various procedures and techniques for detecting potential error chains within a public service aviation operation.
  • Integrate essential safety management system (SMS) techniques into the development of a safety program for public service aviation


  • When: Register now for the Oct 16, 2017 class. 
  • Where: Online
  • Standard Course Fee: $499.