Airport Risk Management and Safety

Certificate in Airport Risk Management and Safety at Embry-Riddle Worldwide

Understanding risk and safety management is key to airport operations. Whether you are a new to a job within airport risk management, a new supervisor with risk management responsibilities or are in an non-aviation industry and will be working on an airport, this certificate will provide you with a broad understanding of risk management.

Students may take one course individually or pursue the professional certificate of completion by successfully completing the three required courses. There are no prerequisites for the courses in this certificate and the courses are not required to be taken in any set sequence.   

Courses in this certificate:

Airport Risk Management and Insurance (Required) - 6 weeks
Construction Risk Management and Safety (Required) - 4 weeks
Airport Safety and Certification (Required) - 6 weeks
Airport Security (Recommended) - 6 weeks

All courses in the certificate are between six and nine weeks in duration.  

About the Course

Who Should Attend

Because risk affects every individual and department, professionals working in various capacities within the airport can benefit from this knowledge, including:

  • Newly appointed Airport Risk Managers
  • Newly appointed Executive Managers at Airports who have oversight and responsibility for individual risk management functions
Key Topics

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to demonstrate a comprehensive and broad-based understanding of risk management and competency to include:

  • Apply the principles of risk management to include the objectives and steps in the risk management process and SMS
  • Demonstrate understanding of the Airport Enterprise Risk Management System
  • Explain the basic characteristics of insurance, fundamental legal principles, the basis of liability
  • Understand commercial property and liability insurance and government regulation of insurance
  • Demonstrate understanding of construction safety
  • Demonstrate an understanding of airport safety and certification to include compliance issues
  • When: Courses are offered quarterly, starting every January, April, July and October; courses may be taken individually or multiple courses can be taken at once.  The next courses begin on Oct 16, 2017. 
  • Where: Online
  • Standard Course Fee: Please see registration page for course prices

*Fee does not include required textbooks.

MGM 2800, Airport Risk Management and Insurance will require the purchase of a custom eBook for approximately $40.  The eBook will be available for purchase from within the course.

MGM 2900, Airport Security will require the purchase of a text for approximately $88 — Benny, D. J. (2012). General Aviation Security: Aircraft, Hangars, Fixed-Base Operations, Flight Schools, and Airports. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. ISBN 978-1-4665-1087-6

RCM 1100, Safety and Risk Management in the Construction Industry - no textbook purchase required.