Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) Seminar

Three days of SMS from some of the world's leading experts! Executive education for aviation practitioners & safety professionals


This concentrated course in Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) is tailored for aviation practitioners and taught by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and industry SMS subject matter experts. Aviation safety professionals and stakeholders should plan to attend. This course is tailored toward any individual actively involved in their organization's safety management system.

"We not only share the cutting edge of SMS but we also tell you what's around the next bend and what's coming in the future years!"

Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) Course 

Key Topics
  • SMS Structure and Components
  • Safety Policy and Objectives
  • Safety Risk Management-Moving to Proactive and Predictive Methods
  • SMS Common Issue and Road Blocks
  • Safety Assurance, Promotion, Culture
  • Human Factors in SMS
  • Safety Performance Indicators and Targets
  • Safety Implementation Guidance
  • Safety Performance Monitoring and Operational Data
Course Objectives

By the completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the high level theories and concepts of SMS
  • Become familiar with the role of safety culture in a SMS
  • Apply the appropriate regulatory requirements for a SMS in their organization
  • Use and apply the principles of Safety Risk Management
  • Become familiar with the role of Safety Assurance in a SMS
  • Describe the requirements for SMS training and its contribution to safety culture
  • Incorporate existing programs for OH&S, Emergency Response, and decision making into a systems approach
  • Understand and apply an SMS implementation plan, including gap analysis
  • Apply basic business theories to report on SMS effectiveness/ROI
Course Description

This three day Embry-Riddle course provides participants with an expanded background in intermediate and advanced Safety Management Systems (SMS) concepts, and  supports both implementation and continuous improvement of an active SMS within their organization.Through a focus on practical strategies for maturing safety management practices, attendees will come to develop tools to implement the theory and principles of SMS as well as an understanding of current FAA guidance and requirements for operators and organizations. Participants will receive a copy of Safety Management Systems in Aviation, authored in part by Dr. A. Stolzer, College of Aviation Dean at ERAU.

  • When: Nov. 27-29, 2018 from 8am to 5pm Tuesday to Thursday
  • Where: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach Campus, FL


Early Bird (Prior to 9/26/18)
3 Day: Aviation SMS Seminar$1,400$1,300