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$2,495 for 5 courses (Additional fees, such as textbooks, may apply)

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About the Program

Many factors and considerations go into the planning and design of modern airports. Safely moving people, aircraft and cargo in and out of facilities requires coordination, cooperation and collaboration among internal and external stakeholders.

The Airport Planning, Design and Development Professional Education Professional certificate of completion, offered online by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide, will introduce students to the vast and complex issues of airport planning. Our experienced faculty address how social, regulatory and political changes have influenced today’s planning and design. To receive the certificate of completion, participants must complete four of the five courses listed below:

Courses (Choose four of the five courses to complete the certificate)

Who Should Attend

Anyone whose career necessitates an understanding of the design and development of airports to include:

  • Airport Planner
  • State Aviation Planner
  • State Department of Transportation representative and staff
  • Airport / Aviation Director
  • FAA  Airports District Office Director and Staff
  • Airport Operations Manager (including Airside and Landside Development)
  • Airport Planning Consultants
  • National, Regional, and Local agencies and associations directing and managing airport planning and design efforts
  • Airline Managers

Key Topics

Airport Planning and Design:

  • Understand how the fundamentals of planning and design are integrated into airport facilities. Included is a review of current airport facilities and their industry ranking in terms of passenger movement and cargo throughput.
  • Recognize the international differences in planning and design. Understand the physical differences of airport design, including the terminal facilities and aircraft parking.
  • Understand the concept of Multi- Airport Systems and how they impact airport planning and design.
  • Identify the factors of landside access and egress including intermodal transportation systems to achieve an orderly flow of traffic at the facility. Planning issues related to airport ground access improvements will be examined.
  • Understand the concepts and processes of baggage handling systems. Mechanical as well as computerized complex systems will be discussed.

Airport Security:

  • Understand emergency threats and responses
  • Identify duties of the airport security coordinator
  • Understand physical security principles and crime prevention.
  • Understand current security laws and regulations.

Airport Safety and Certification:

  • Airport Certification Requirements
  • Airport Emergency Plans
  • Airport Rescue Firefighting
  • Identifying, Assessing and Mitigating Airport Hazards
  • Runway Safety
  • Winter Operations

Airport Sustainability and Environmental Management:

  • Importance of Sustainability
  • Best Practices
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Sustainability and Environmental Decisions at Airports

Course Specifics

  • When: Courses are offered quarterly, starting every January, April, July and October - each course is six weeks in length; courses may be taken individually or multiple courses can be taken at once.
  • Where: Online; The courses are instructor facilitated and taught in an asynchronous format.  The courses have a designated start and end date and have required weekly assignments; however, students are not required to log in at any specified time or day during the week.  Students interact with the instructors and fellow students through discussion boards, assignments and email.  The courses consist of six one week modules.
  • Standard Course Fee: Airport Planning: $499 (The course also requires the purchase of a custom eBook from within the course for $40.05; the book is not included in the standard course fee.)
  • Standard Course Fee: Airport Security: $499 (The course also requires the purchase of one textbook, which is not included in the standard course fee.  The price of the text is currently $87.51)  The text is: General Aviation Security by Dr. Daniel J. Benny, PhD.  ISBN 9781466510876
  • Standard Course FeeAirport Safety and Certification: $499.  There are no required textbooks for this class.
  • Standard Course FeeAirport Sustainability and Environmental Management: $499.  There are no required textbooks for this class.

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Office of Professional Education, Worldwide Campus
1 Aerospace Boulevard
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114-3900
This course is asynchronous and instructor facilitated. You will not be required to log in at the same time as your instructor, but you will have assignments due each week. You can log in at any time to complete course assignments.