WXR-2006 Wind Shear

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Wind Shear covers flight operations where wind shear is a factor. Wind shear weather phenomena, including thunderstorms, microbursts and clear-air turbulence (CAT) are discussed. The course includes wind shear recognition and recovery techniques and precautions for wind shear avoidance. A wind shear-related accident is profiled. This course is available in versions for Airbus and Boeing aircraft, showing aircraft instrumentation for each type.

Who Should Attend

  • Experienced Airline Pilots

Course Objectives

Lesson 1: Basic Concepts

  • Definition of wind shear
  • Thunderstorms
  • Microbursts
  • Increasing and decreasing shear
  • Dry and wet microbursts
  • Frontal systems
  • Jet streams
  • Geographic effects

Lesson 2: Wind Shear Recognition and Avoidance

  • Wind shear recognition
  • Low level wind shear
  • Techniques for wind shear avoidance
  • Onboard wind shear warnings
  • Weather reports and forecasts
  • Precautions for operating in areas where wind shear is a factor
  • Procedures for recovery from wind shear situations
  • Increasing and decreasing wind shear characteristics

Lesson 3: Wind Shear Accident Profile

  • Analysis of wind shear related factors – USAir 1016 (1994)

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