SUAS-3200 Developing a SUAS Standardization Program

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Online beginning: April 25, 2019 
June 1, 2019 
September 1, 2019 
November 1 2019 
January 1, 2020 
March 1, 2020 
May 1, 2020

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This course examines a SUAS standardization program for Public Safety organizations. The course will include the regulatory framework SUAS can operate, petitioning the Federal Aviation Administration for a Public Aircraft Operations (PAO) Certificate of Authorization (COA), key personnel, and crewmember evaluations. The course will also explore elements of flight operations documents necessary to standardize the way crewmembers perform. 

Prerequisite: SUAS-3000


  1. Regulatory frameworks to operate sUAS
  2. sUAS Safety management within Public Safety organizations
  3. Standardizing flight operations and procedures

Who Should Attend

Members of Public Safety (Fire/EMS/Police) organizations involved with unmanned systems programs and operations.

Learning Objectives 

  1. Compare SUAS Public Aircraft Operations to Commercial Operations
  2. Develop a Federal Aviation Administration Certificate of Authorization (COA) application for SUAS Public Aircraft Operations
  3. Identify the elements of a sUAS Safety Management System and Individual Flight Risk Assessment (IFRA)
  4. Define key personnel in a UAS standardization program
  5. Compare proficiency to currency
  6. Determine crewmember evaluation requirements
  7. Identify the elements of a Flight Operations Manual and Standard Operating Procedure
  8. Identify the elements of SUAS checklist

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About the Instructor

Joseph S. Cerreta

Assistant Professor
Embry-Riddle - Worldwide
College of Aeronautics

Dr. Joseph Cerreta is an Assistant Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide. He has 23 years of UAS experience as an instructor, manager, and director with UAS programs for the Department of Defense, Public Safety, and Academia.

Dr. Cerreta developed a UAS emergency management response capability with the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, which also resulted in the National Weather Service’s use of UAS live-stream data specifically for tornado damage assessment for the first time in NWS history. He also co-developed a UAS for Public Safety integration program to stand up newly formed UAS aviation units in public safety entities.