AVS-2011 Precision Runway Monitoring

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This course covers the operating requirements for Precision Runway Monitored Approach (PRM) operations. It discusses the differences between an Instrument Landing System (ILS) / PRM and a Localizer-type Directional Aid (LDA / PRM or SOIA) approach, training requirements, approach components, and TCAS operations.

Who Should Attend

  • Experienced Airline Pilots

Course Objectives

Lesson 1: General

In this lesson we will cover the meaning of Precision Runway Monitored Approach (PRM), the difference between an Instrument Landing System (ILS) / PRM, and a Localizer – Type Directional Aid (LDA / PRM) known as a Simultaneous Offset Instrument Approach (SOIA), and also the training required to legally conduct a PRM approach:

  • PRM Approaches
  • ILS / PRM Approaches
  • LDA / PRM or SOIA Approaches
  • PRM Training Requirements
  • ATC Monitoring
  • No-Transgression Zone (NTZ)
  • Blunders
  • Breakouts

Lesson 2: PRM Flight Operations – Approach

  • Crew Qualifications
  • Approach Briefings
  • Autopilot Requirement / Operation
  • ILS / PRM Approaches
  • LDA / PRM or SOIA Approaches
  • Visual Segments

Lesson 3: Breakouts

  • Manoeuvre Requirements
  • Hand-Flown Breakouts
  • Descending Breakouts
  • Phraseology
  • TCAS Considerations

Lesson 4: Route Manual Information

  • Pilot Requirements
  • ATIS
  • Approach Charts
  • Dual VHF Communication
  • Autopilot Coupled Approach
  • TCAS Selection
  • Breakout
  • Phraseology
  • LDA Traffic

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This is a self-guided online course; you will be able to complete this course at your own pace, from wherever you choose.