AVS-2022 PBN-OPS - Performance Based Navigation Operations

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This course was developed in response to significant changes in Performance Based Navigation, which resulted from the publication of ICAO PBN Manual Revision 004 (Doc 9613). The material covers PBN concepts and details the framework for the application of the RNAV and RNP Navigation Specifications to Airspace Concepts, operational requirements including Onboard Performance Monitoring and Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitor with and without onboard Fault Detection and Exclusion, and contingency operations in Performance Airspace. It also incorporates the application of PBN to Terminal, Approach and Missed Approach Operations, including RNP Approach and RNP Approval Required applications.

Who Should Attend

  • Experienced Airline Pilots

Course Objectives

LESSON 1: PBN Concepts

  • General features of and differences between RNP
  • Definitions of PBN elements and RNAV Navigation Specifications
  • PBN Architecture
  • Performance criteria for PBN airspace operations
  • Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitor (RAIM) description
  • Common contingencies for abnormal operations in
  • PBN Airspace

LESSON 2: PBN Airspace Applications

  • The definition and application of Airspace Concepts
  • The definition and application of Navigation
  • Specifications within various Airspace Concepts
  • The interrelationship between Navigation
  • Specifications, NAVAID structure and Navigation Applications
  • Planned future enhancements to PBN 

LESSON 3: Area Navigation (RNAV) Applications

  • Area Navigation as it applies to the RNAV
  • Navigation Specification
  • Use of the RNAV Specification for Enroute, Terminal,
  • Approach and Missed Approach Applications
  • Specific information and requirements for RNAV 10,
  • RNAV 5, RNAV 1 and 2, P-RNAV and B-RNAV
  • Contingencies specific to RNAV Applications

LESSON 4: RNP Applications

  • Area Navigation as it applies to the RNP
  • Navigation Specification
  • Performance Accuracy requirements for various
  • RNP applications
  • Specific information and requirements for RNP 10,
  • RNP 4, RNP 2, RNP 1 and Advanced RNP
  • RAIM requirements for PBN including Fault
  • Detection and Exclusion Capabilities
  • Required Navigation Accuracy and Actual
  • Navigation Accuracy requirements and depiction
  • within aircraft systems
  • Contingencies specific to RNP Applications


  • Approach criteria for the application of RNP
  • Approach and RNP AR
  • The use of vertical navigation (VNAV) during
  • PBN compliant approaches
  • Operating procedures for RNP APCH and RNP AR
  • Additional requirements for operations in the approach and missed approach environments

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