ALF-3048 Journals, Ledgers and Worksheets

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This course develops the practical skills necessary to record transactions in chronological order by using journals, and categorize them by account using ledgers. Introduction to Accounting: The Accounting Cycle is a prerequisite. 

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who desires to have a better understanding of basic accounting, work in an accounting department or implement accounting practices into their work or lifestyle

Course Objectives

  • The Accounting Cycle and the double entry system
  • The journal entry includes the following:
    • The date of the transaction
    • The title of accounts debited and credited
    • The title of the account credited can be indented several spaces
    • The amount of each debit and credit
    • An explanation of the transaction
  • Determining debits and credits and normal account balances
    • Assets
    • Liabilities and owner's equity
    • Revenue and expenses
    • Compound entry
  • The general ledger is the main accounting record of a business
    • Transferring information from a journal to a ledger is called posting
  • Chart of accounts is a list of all accounts tracked by the bookkeeping system
    • Numbering and order of accounts in the chart of accounts
  • Posting
    • Process of posting a transaction from the journal to a ledger
    • Cross referencing in posting
    • Common posting errors
  • Trial Balance is a worksheet that lists the balance of each ledger in debits and credits
    • When to calculate the trial balance
    • Calculating the trial balance
    • Where to look when the trial balance does not balance
  • Special journals are chosen based on the company's needs
    • Cash journals
    • Sales journals
    • Purchase journals
  • The worksheet
    • Preparing financial statements


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