ASA-201 & 202 Introduction and Methodology to Machinery and Equipment (Aviation Specific) Farnborough

Quick Facts

Minimum number of participants is 20. If fewer than 20 are registered by September 1, 2019, the course will be cancelled. 

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) 
6.0 CEUs

Course Length
8 days

The two courses will be offered over 8 consecutive days from November 23-30. Each course will have 27 hours of instruction and a 3-hour exam (9 hours per day, from 08:00. – 17:00) 

ME201-ACS: Nov 23 - 26 
ME202-ACS: Nov 27 - 30

Course Dates & Location
November 23-30, 2019, Farnborough, England (Exact location to be announced)

Who Should Attend
The course is intended for aircraft brokers, aviation appraisers, and professionals in aviation banking, financing, and aircraft maintenance industries.


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The Introduction to Aircraft Appraisal course ME201AS 

The Introduction to Aircraft Appraisal course is ME201AS (Machinery and Equipment Aircraft Specialty). This course is designed to introduce participants to appropriate aircraft appraisal terminology, methods and concepts. The course also provides a foundation of principles of valuation and their applications to the appraisal of aircraft and aviation equipment. 

The Aircraft Appraisal Aviation Specific course ME202AS 

The Aircraft Appraisal Aviation Specific course, ME202AS (Machinery and Equipment Aircraft Specialty), is the second of four courses on aircraft specific appraisals. This program builds on the fundamental principles of appraisal terminology, methods and concepts discussed in ME201AS. The course also introduces participants to basic aircraft terms, aviation concepts and application and aircraft logbooks and other records

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