AVS-2000 Contaminated Runway Operations

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Regulatory requirements and reporting standards for dry, wet and contaminated runways are considered in this course. Aircraft performance effects, including considerations for accelerate and stop distances, reduced thrust take-offs, and range of V¹ speeds braking action are discussed in detail. Reporting methods (SNOWTAMS, Runway Friction Indices) are included.

Who Should Attend

  • Experienced airline pilots

Course Objectives

After completing this course you should be able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of aviation in the areas of:

  • Definitions
  • Runway condition categorization
  • Dry runways
  • Damp runways
  • Wet runways
  • Contaminated runways
  • Assessing contamination
  • Water-equivalent contamination depths
  • Other Contaminants
  • Contaminants and performance
  • Runway condition reporting
  • Ploughing and sweeping
  • Braking Action Reports / Friction Indices
  • Quiz
Lesson 2: Operations and Performance
  • Impact on performance
  • Performance calculations
  • Reduced thrust
  • Limiting field length
  • Balanced field length
  • Range of VĀ¹ speeds
  • Precipitation drag
  • Rejected take-off considerations
  • Aquaplaning ā€“ dynamic, viscous, rubber reversion
  • Landing distance correction
  • Approach considerations
  • Ice-covered runways
  • Anti-skid considerations
  • Runway surfaces
  • Engineered Materials Arrestor Systems (EMAS)

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