AVS-4700 B737-200 Ground School

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The goal of this course is to enable initial or transitioning flight crew to explain the function and processes of the operating and indicating systems of the Boeing 767-200 in accordance with the approved training syllabus required by Canadian Aviation Regulations for Commercial Air Service. 

Who Should Attend

Professionals working in the aviation industry can benefit from this knowledge including:

  • Experienced airline pilots
  • First officers attending ground school

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you should demonstrate a comprehensive and broad-based understanding of the 767-200 aircraft and competency in:

  • Locating and identifying the main features of the aircraft
  • Explaining the operation of the features and functions of the APU
  • Interpreting warning system information
  • Naming and locating communicating systems and controls
  • Relating fire and overheat indications to the operations of fire and overheat protection systems
  • Relating to the power plant with its sub-systems
  • Describing ice and rain protection systems
  • Relating electrical controls and indicators to power sources
  • Explaining the operation of indicating and recording features
  • Explaining the pneumatic air supply and related sub-systems
  • Relating the hydraulic power supply to the associated sub-systems
  • Relating electrical controls and indicators to power sources
  • Explaining the structure and operation of landing gear and brakes
  • Explaining the operation of the flight control system
  • Explaining the operation of the air conditioning and pressurization systems
  • Describing the fuel system
  • Explaining the use of the autopilot flight director system
  • Explaining the navigation and flight management systems

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This is a self-guided online course; you will be able to complete this course at your own pace, from wherever you choose.