SUAS-4000L2 AUVSI TOP™ Level 2 Certification Workshop

Quick Facts

Price includes a Practical Flight Assessment (PFA) students are responsible for all travel arrangements for PFA sessions. Contact us for face-to-face group pricing.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

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AUVSI TOP™ Certification

Course Length
4 weeks

Course Dates & Locations

Online, courses start on the first of each month. Academic portion of class is completed online.

All PFA sessions are in-person. Upcoming sessions:

  • April, 2020 in Prescott, AZ

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The Level 2 AUVSI Trusted Operator Program™ (TOP) workshop is designed for certified remote pilots who have completed AUVSI TOP™ Level 1 certification. This workshop is available online or in person. Level 2 certification is for operators who require a Part 107 waiver, a visual observer or sensor operator, or those that fall outside the Part 107 regulation.

Who Should Attend

According to AUVSI™, Level 2 certification is designed for UAS operations that include any of the characteristics of Level 1 plus:

  • Any operation that requires a waiver under FAR Part 107
  • Operations that require a visual observer, or sensor operator
  • Operations with elevated risk factors or complexity including but not limited to operations close to airports, helipads, populated areas, people and livestock.

Operators are required to already possess an FAA CFR Part 107 certificate and AUVSI TOP™ Level 1 certification.

Practical Flight Assessment (PFA) Requirements

  • Students must use their own commercial, off-the-shelf aircraft with a gimbaled RGB camera (e.g., DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4, Yuneec Typhoon H).
  • Students must bring proof of current RPC.
  • Students must bring a current logbook.
  • Students must have commercial liability insurance in place during their PFA (Verifly, SkyWatch AI, or similar with 1 million liability).
  • Flight standards will be in accordance with ASTM F3266.7100 and flown on a NIST apparatus.
  • Batteries must be OEM and not modified.
  • There is no guarantee that the student will pass the PFA. This course is for experienced users only.
  • Transportation to/from the classroom and flight area is the responsibility of the student.

PFAs are planned for Saturdays. However, if weather precludes completion of PFAs, Embry-Riddle will be available on Sunday as a weather backup. Please note: Embry-Riddle is not responsible if weather precludes completion of the PFA.

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Daytona Beach, FL 32114,

About the Instructors

Dr. Joseph S. Cerreta

Assistant Professor
Embry-Riddle - Worldwide 
College of Aeronautics

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Dr. Scott Burgess

Associate Professor
Embry-Riddle - Worldwide College of Aeronautics

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