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ALF-3051 Accounting for Accounts Receivable

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Accounting Studies Certificate

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Self-Paced (Must be completed within 6 months)

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You will be introduced to the proper accounting procedures for working with accounts receivable in this course. Learn about everything from accounts affecting A/R processing to past due accounts and credit management to invoices and uncollectible debt

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who desires to have a better understanding of basic accounting, work in an accounting department or implement accounting practices into their work or lifestyle

Course Objectives

  • Goal of accounts receivable is to increase working capital
  • Accounts Receivable
    • Aging the receivables
    • Aging schedule
    • Steps in accounts receivables
      • Remittance processing
      • Credit management
      • Collections
  • Accounts Affecting A/R Processing
    • Assets
      • Cash
      • Allowance for uncollected accounts
    • Liabilities
      • Sales tax penalty
    • Revenue 
      • Sales of products or income
      • Sales returns
      • Sales discount
      • Freight revenue
    • Expense
      • Bad debt
      • Freight out
      • Freight in
  • Past due accounts and credit management
    • Do your research
    • Support your documentation
    • Contact the client
  • Invoices and uncollectible debt
    • Invoice terms
    • Recording entries for doubtful accounts
  • Estimating uncollected debt
    • Estimate the amount of uncollectible accounts from prior year
    • Make adjusting entry
    • Uncollectible accounts are identified and written off
  • Effect of bad debt write-offs

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This is a self-guided online course; you will be able to complete this course at your own pace, from wherever you choose.